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Our company, which was founded in 1992, operates under the philosophy that our security gate software ought to be easily operable, fast, and adoptable by our valued clients.

By leveraging cloud-based technologies our access control software facilitates the development and fostering of a safer community. We help make this possible through the use of our software and visitor management systems which when coupled with the features communities need enables accountability and ensures privacy of all users.

Our commitment to safety and community remains just as strong as it was when we began our work in 1992. With technological advancements, such as cloud-based processing and edge-computing, we have been able to develop gatehouse software solutions for residential gated communities that feature a 99.999% uptime. Talk about efficiency.

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We believe your life should be facilitated by software not slowed down by it.

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Convenient to Integrate

Convenient to Integrate

Clients can utilize their current computer system or tablet.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

System rules prevent input errors.

Fast Processing Time

Fast Processing Time

Less than ten seconds to process a guest on the list.

Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

Guards are processing guests after only one hour of training.


Visitor Management Software


Our Commitment to You

We believe that if you want to lead in any field you have to continuously renew your commitment to your mission and vision for your product or software. Our team shares this vision and continuously and diligently work toward improving and enhancing our security gate software solutions. We do this with a vision and mission of enhancing and facilitating the efficient and effective securing of residential gated communities.

With this in mind, we have developed Visitor Management Solutions that are easy-to-use and even faster to adopt. Our design and its ease of use makes access control solutions not just an easy choice but a no-brainer for residents and community partners.

With SafeHouse Solutions, you can rest assured that we are committed to your community and it’s safety by sharing your commitment to having the most current version of our software solution and making it seamless to use for both administrators and residents of your residential gated community.

Security Guard House and Condominium

We work collaboratively with

Condominium Associations & Homeowner Associations

Throughout our decades of working in this space, we have fostered strategic approaches and a strong network of gatehouse and security professionals that have helped us foster such a strong understanding of the needs and expectations of our association partners, who are also a critical component of community living in a gated residential housing development or community.

Our Visitor Management software is designed to make adoption seamless and frictionless for our communities and their teams. To achieve this goal, we have worked diligently in our design and strategy to make sure we can work with your team and make the adoption and use of our system a breeze. Our 72 Hours to Launch approach ensures and enables Safehouse Systems to get your community online within 72 hours (no experience necessary.)

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SafeHouse Systems has been committed to developing integrated Visitor Management software solutions for residential gated communities across the United States.

We have a wide variety of gated communities across the country that have adopted our software. These communities are our partners in fostering the safer residential communities we envision and hope to enable through our products and services.

When it comes to Visitor Management, we have developed easy to use software that gives the community the vigilant vehicle needed to provide speedy access while fostering community accountability and development. Fostering a community and keeping that community safe is a concern we all agree on, and our Visitor Management software makes this a realistic goal for the Condominium or Homeowner Association you serve.


To contact us, please call us at (772) 878-7929 or fill out the form below and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

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