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The Gate Control module is integrated with the Admin module. Each access control device such as a barcode, transponder, key fob, etc., appears to the Gate Control in real time with equal and simultaneous access to the database. The Gate Control module operates on an independent secured network to ensure superior performance, stability, and reliability.



  • Frictionless Adoption - Our software can function across devices making it ready-to-use and easily adoptable. Gate Control can interface with RFID (transponder) systems, Barcode Readers, Key Fob systems, and other access control devices while providing complete guest entry and exit accountability. LEARN MORE arrow downThe Gate Control system will either operate as a stand-alone security gate software unit or seamlessly integrate with the SafeHouse Visitor Management System allowing every gate in the community to be programmed from a single screen.
  • Domain Capability - The same software system that is controlling your resident gates can also control access to your clubhouse, recreation center, or any other secured area. LEARN MORE arrow downThe same access control device that gets you through the pool gate can be programmed to allow access through other access control points within the community. Each time a user accesses an entry control device, the event can be displayed on a monitor.
  • Unlimited User Classes -The use of multiple user classes allows adopters the ability to specify which gates, doors, or areas community members are allowed to access. LEARN MORE arrow downThis affords control features that enable enhanced community management down to what each user class or individual device is allowed to access, what domains the user or device has rights to, and apply date-range/day-of-week/and hour-of-day restrictions.

Gated Residential Software



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