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SafeHouse Resident Guest List Control system is the solution that allows residents to manage their own guest lists without ever contacting a security officer. The SafeHouse WebGuest module has two methods of access, secured APP and SSL secured web page.

Our WebGuest feature allows residents to add guests to their lists within the Visitor Management software without the need of contacting a security officer, which not only provides control and privacy for residents but higher guest processing times for your guard gate. Residents can access the security gate software add-on via any web-enabled device and can add a guest for today, tomorrow, or even a future date based on the established community guidelines, which it also enforces through the use and modification of the features of our Visitor Management software. 



The software provides one point of control and gives residents of the community control and transparency in who enters the community as guests. By shifting the control to residents, you afford them faster adoption by staff and faster guest processing times.

Community Mobile



  • Quickly add a Guest, Service, or Delivery
  • Register multiple devices per home
  • Manage your guest list
  • Manage up to 4 contact phone numbers
  • View your guest traffic for the past 30 days
  • Enable SMS or Email notifications when your guest arrives (Requires Resident notification module)
  • View your current guest list on your account
  • Update your email address

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