How It Works

The Entry Module is the fundamental and foundational component to our Visitor Management Software. The Entry Module establishes the foundation necessary for our software and its many, many customizable capabilities and features. The Visitor Management Software is easy to operate and allows for easy adaptation and modification to meet or exceed the specifications, expectations, and needs of your residential gated community.

Our Visitor Management Software integrates a variety of integral access control modules.

By having a single access point system that leverages cloud-based solutions we can offer our community partners efficiency and efficacy. Efficiency for our software is optimized through the use of various server solutions. Additionally, we reduce redundancy which results in better performance, stronger stability, and increased reliability for our Visitor Management Software. This reduces the congestion and frustration felt by administrators, community partners, and residents. By making our software efficient, we enhance the user experience which ensures effective adoption by those who live in the community you aim to foster and protect.

Faster Guest Processing

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On average our security gate software competitors report over 30 seconds per guest processing time.

We have them beat. Our Visitor Management software allows security officers to process guests in 10 seconds.

New security officers at first use still beat competitors clocking in at 23 seconds per guest.

Our Gated-Residential Software Solution

72-hours-to-Launch means just that. Our software is the premier solution for efficient access control for gated residential communities. Our newly encrypted database and secured server solutions allow us to renew our continued commitment to protecting your community both on- and offline.

We know that with the many technological advancements over the last decade now more than ever we need to protect our privacy and data from malicious breaches of confidential information. Since we encrypt our database, we know your data is safe with us. We prevent these malicious attacks by knowing how these attackers seek and obtain information and making your data unreachable to even the best of hackers and ransomware. This means we are committed to your data and it’s safety so you can focus on what really matters, fostering and developing a community where people don’t just feel safe but truly are safe.

Live in 72hr

Software Specifications and Features

Complex technology is not required for the user-friendly Visitor Management software. Clients can utilize current computer system to keep the investment cost of security gate software within your budget.

The SafeHouse Entry module is also available for Android tablets breaking free from IT headaches and enjoying a faster Visitor Management software experience.

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Convenient to Integrate


Less than ten seonds to process a guest on the list.

Smart Technology


System rules prevent input errors.

Detects and repairs database errors as they occur.

Fast Processing Time


Security Officers are processing guests after one hour of training.



  • Progressive search of resident’s primary information such as Name, Address, phone number or security code.
  • Turn-back tracking of unapproved guest
  • The scalability allows you to create multiple user classes for more detailed reporting
  • Boldly displays special resident instructions to assist the security officer
  • Community-wide contractor list increases the speed of vendor processing
  • Custom party list for resident’s special events
  • Video-Link can attach a picture of the resident or guest to associate with a name
  • Four levels of access with special privileges
  • Unlimited emergency contact list and additional resident information
  • Resident key tracking and issuing

Gated Residential Software



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