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SafeHouse Systems PARTNER PROGRAM is designed to help partners grow their offerings by utilizing SafeHouse Systems’ experience, network, and solutions. The target market for partnership are communities in need of access control solutions for residential gated communities. SafeHouse Systems PARTNER PROGRAM is designed to help community vendors offer reliable and stable Visitor Management Software to their clients. By offloading the security gate software management to the SafeHouse Support team it allows the adopting partner to spend more time fostering community engagement and growth.



  • Online training– For the end-user to ensure each security officer is trained to use best practices for the Visitor Management process.
  • Sales Support– The partner support team is here to help you through the process with items such as detailed quotes and online demonstrations. We will stand by you through the process to ensure your client has the best solutions to ensure productivity at the gatehouse.
  • Compensation – with your business growth in mind. Four levels of compensation that allows you to achieve at your own pace.

Gated Residential Software



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